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Eco-SOS: Unlawful Acts in Simferopol

26.06.2007 Unlawful Acts in Simferopol. They Promised to Lay a Park!
There is time to build and there is time to destroy. Every man makes his own sense out of this expression.
In 35 Bela Kuna Street a walnut alley and a spring with drinking water have appeared to be covered with stones. Now the Sergejevskij pond is the next to be damaged. So who is the destroyer?
13.06.2007 Emergency in 16 Fedko Street
About a month ago on the territory of the former republican organization in supplying agricultural and veterinary departments with necessary materials (such as chemicals, medicines, cleaners, veterinary tools, etc.) building works began. When digging the pit for the supposed constructions, the matters noxious to the environment and health were found.
People living nearby began to complain of their health worthening. In the words of the local dwellers, their houses were literally covered with a pungent smell of chemicals. The owners of private houses with wells worry about the drinking water and soil's condition.


Unlawful Acts in Simferopol

Bela Kuna Str.
Fedko Str.

green quay is under attack


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