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Emergency in 16 Fedko Street

About a month ago on the territory of the former republican organization in supplying agricultural and veterinary departments with necessary materials (such as chemicals, medicines, cleaners, veterinary tools, etc.) building works began. When digging the pit for the supposed constructions, the matters noxious to the environment and health were found.

People living nearby began to complain of their health worthening. In the words of the local dwellers, their houses were literally covered with a pungent smell of chemicals. The owners of private houses with wells worry about the drinking water and soil's condition.

A group of initiative people pled the Sanitary Epidemic Station (SES) and the Republic Committee in matters of ecology to run all necessary tests and to make it clear how much dangerous staying in this area can be. However there came no answer.

Then the citizens pled the open civil center of CRAEM for help. The ecologists took the initiative and informed all the service stations of Simferopol about the present situation in 16 Fedko Street.

The test conducted by the SES led to alarming results: the soil contained matters noxious to health.

The CRAEM starts to probe another ecodisaster. It calls the mass media and the citizens to react to similar accidents immediately, and the organizations that take control of emergencies to adopt timely preventive measures and to supply the city inhabitants with reliable information.

Expert opinion: Tarasenko Viktor Sergejevitch, the chairman of the CRAEM

The emergency that had happened in 16 Fedko Street pointed out the faults existing in the system of environment monitoring and in the effective and efficient work of the Ministry of Emergencies in Simferopol.

People living nearby have right to be informed about the soil and drinking water's condition and to know the degree of their being noxious to health. However the services which must control such situations, explain them and give recommendations in matters of people's behavior do not give official explanations.

The ecologists of the Crimea call the mass media and the citizens to react to similar accidents immediately, and the organizations responsible for emergencies to take timely preventive measures and to supply people with reliable information.

The CRAEM Press Office

13th June, 2007


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