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Unlawful Acts in Simferopol. They Promised to Lay a Park!

There is time to build and there is time to destroy. Every man makes his own sense out of this expression.

In 35 Bela Kuna Street a walnut alley and a spring with drinking water have appeared to be covered with stones. Now the Sergejevskij pond is the next to be damaged. So who is the destroyer?

This question troubles the people living in Bela Kuna Street who pled CRAEM for help.

An unknown organization has started building works in the area of Sergejevskij pond. Instead of green grass and green plants now there are trenches, gravel and building rubbish. There are concrete mixers as well which throw off wastes left after the washing right into the water-hole.

Some ten years ago, however, the Crimean government pledged to lay out a PARK near the pond.

But it is still not all about that.

A Ruthless End Was Put to Another Source of Life

The builders of a car-park had a drinking spring used by the local dwellers in their way. In the words of the Bela Kuna Street inhabitants, it was the only source of cold water when the supply of it was entirely cut off. Now the spring is destroyed and the territory where it was situated is fenced off for the building works to be conducted.

This car-park is supposed to be a constituent part of the whole complex which already includes a gas station and a car- wash. In the words of the local dwellers, after the car washing and station cleaning the water flows down the laid pipe right into the pond.

Reaction of the CRAEM

The Crimean Republican Association "Ekologiya i Mir" reacted to the case immediately. It sent a letter of inquiry to the City Council pleading to produce a document which states the decision of the mentioned institution to allot a piece of land to the building of a car park and a gas station in the given direction. Another letter of inquiry was sent to the public prosecution office and requested to take appropriate measures concerning this fact.

The CRAEM Press - Office

26th June, 2007


Unlawful Acts in Simferopol

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